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Step into the Paridhi Tracking App, where your child's safety is our unwavering focus. Our School Bus Tracker App is not just an application; it's the key to real-time peace of mind.

With effortless precision, track your child's school bus location using GPS-powered updates. Enjoy a seamless experience with personalized notifications, including gentle alerts for bus arrival and departure.

At Paridhi, our dedication revolves around ensuring student safety, providing reliable transport solutions, and nurturing a welcoming commuting atmosphere. It's a comprehensive approach that prioritizes your child's well-being, creating a secure and seamless journey between home and school.

Welcome aboard the Paridhi Tracking App, where transparency, security, and a smarter, safer adventure define the route your child takes every day.

We collaborate with schools, bus companies, and parents to ensure the safe journey of children to and from school.


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Driver App

Are you tired of managing bus routes and schedules? Say hello to our school bus tracking app, just for drivers like you! Our live map and route history help you find missed stops and plan the best routes every day. Enjoy accurate, up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips, enabling proper route planning based on real-time data and traffic conditions.

Our driver-friendly interface guarantees a smooth experience for everyone. It's super easy, even if you're not a tech whiz. Welcome to a smoother drive with the Paridhi Tracking App – where managing school bus routes becomes as easy as a friendly wave!

Parent App

Ease your worries with the Paridhi Tracking App! Our school bus tracker app welcomes you to the parent portal, offering a real-time glimpse into your child's bus journey. Monitor onboarding and exiting, explore their bus history, and receive ETA alerts for that extra reassurance.

Get swift updates on your child's whereabouts, stay informed about any schedule adjustments, and effortlessly coordinate with school staff. Our user-friendly mobile app is your ally for a secure and connected journey. Tracking your child's bus location is as simple as sharing a friendly wave.

  • Stay informed about any delays or changes in the schedule.
  • Enabling quick and efficient coordination between school staff and parents.
  • Intuitive and accessible for users of all ages and tech-savviness levels.
  • The Paridhi Tracking App: where peace of mind seamlessly connects with a friendly touch!

Our App Demo

Explore the power of the Paridhi Tracking App!

Witness firsthand how our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and reliable school commute. Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of our application and how it revolutionized school bus safety. Navigate the demo effortlessly and watch how the Paridhi Tracking App transforms the school commute into a worry-free experience. Try it now!

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